Military Assistance Program

Grant Guidelines


To provide financial assistance to VFW Posts/Depts. and Auxiliaries who sponsor events with their local military community. These funds are meant to build relationships and provide information on VFW programs and services.  ONLY ADOPTED UNITS are eligible for MAP funding.

How to apply for a MAP Grant:

1.  Only a VFW or Auxiliary member may submit a MAP Grant Application.

2.   The Commander, Quartermaster or the Auxiliary President or Treasurer must be aware and approve of the application.

3.   The grant is limited to basic food items and Non-Alcoholic beverages for currently serving military and their family members only.

It does not cover equipment/venue rentals, gifts, decorations, entertainment, etc.

4.   The grant does not cover public or formal events such as: Military Dining In/Out, Military Balls or Change of Command/Responsibility Ceremonies, etc.

5.   The grant application must be submitted no earlier than 14 days prior to the event. Any exceptions to this must be submitted in writing to the Director VFW Programs for approval.

6.   An After Action Report along with eligible receipts must be submitted within 14 days of the event.  Non submission will result in the Dept./Post/Auxiliary being billed for the grant amount.

7.   If the event receipts total less that the grant amount provided, the Dept./Post/Auxiliary will be required to refund the difference within 14 days.

8.   If the event is cancelled a full refund is required.  If rescheduled for a later date, a written explanation must be submitted to the MAP office detailing the new dates. It will be determined by the MAP office and VFW Program Director whether a refund will be requested or the Dept./Post/Auxiliary will be allowed to keep the grant amount.

9.   Only applications submitted online through the Form Stack website will be accepted here:

10.  To contact the MAP office with questions:      

      ·         Email:

      ·         Phone (816) 756-3390 X 6211

Note: Prior approval of similar events does not guarantee future approval. All applications must be signed and dated.